GT220SC Secondary Containment Unit

The GT220SC is a double-walled container designed with the environment in mind. This unit is a container inside of a container. Should The interior container become damaged and leak or overflow the exterior container is there to catch the contents and prevent those hazardous materials from polluting the environment. This is an excellent option for those facilities required by the EPA to have double-walled secondary containment bulk storage.


  • Length: 54″
  • Width: 37.5″
  • Height: 46″
  • Primary Capacity: 165 Gallons
  • Secondary Capacity: 220 Gallons


  • 14 Gauge, all steel construction
  • Double-wall construction
  • Polyethylene lid
  • 2″ risers
  • Grate in opening
  • Locking provision


  • Casters