Grease Cart Hot Oil Transport

The Grease Cart is designed with safety in mind. When it’s time to empty your used fryer oil, simply wheel this unit under the the fryer drain and empty the waste oil into the cart. Once eptied, the cart will easily roll out to your storage bin. Hook the lip of the Grease Cart onto the opening of your storage container and lift the bottom of the Grease cart to transfer the contents. Make the fryer oil disposal process easy and safe from burns with a Grease Cart.


  • 16 Gauge steel construction
  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance
  • 8” Wheels for smooth rolling
  • Metal wheel hubs for long life
  • Finished hardwood handles will not get hot.

The chart below lists the models available. The dimensions listed can be seen in the diagram below the chart.

GC-8080 lb10"9"14.5"
GC-80-LP80 lb8.5"10"15.5"